Advantages of Concrete Pumping

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The ability to reach multiple floors, pour basement walls, high retaining walls, or to stretch across rugged terrain that mixer trucks cannot safely navigate make each of these units’ imperative to support the challenges offered in today’s site conditions.

Pump concrete faster with less labor and improved quality

A concrete pump places concrete faster with less labor than any other method. You can save money and free up valuable personnel for other duties. Direct placement without re-handling improves concrete quality and reduces labor. A concrete pump causes less congestion than other methods.

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Our modern concrete pumps are reliable

A modern concrete pump in the hands of a professional concrete pump operator is very reliable, with a breakdown factor of about 1%. With the widespread use of concrete pumps, you can generally get a replacement pump quickly, even if from a different company. Concrete pumping companies work together to ensure customer satisfaction. Most pumpers carry spare parts and can fix most problems quickly.


Nudura ICF | Pumped Concrete

Concrete Pumping Vehicles have a variety of applicable uses. This illustration shown a boom pump placing concrete into an Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) foundation.



A conctrete pump is safer than other methods

When used properly, a pump is safer than other methods. You don't have two tons of concrete swinging or dropping, wrenched backs or tripping accidents associated with buggies. Request only ACPA Certified Concrete Pump Operators. The certification of operators is highly safety oriented.


Modern concrete pumps will perform on buildings of any height

Modern pumps will perform on buildings of any height. The tallest buildings built in this decade were pumped, even in excess of 1,000 feet high. Capacities in excess of 50 yards per hour can be realized over 500 feet high.


Concrete pumps are ideal for bridge decks

The speed and reliability of the modern big concrete pumps make it ideal for bridge decks. The placement allows the bridge finishing machine to go faster because it's not struggling to move piles of low slump concrete. This speeds up unloading time, reducing the risk of time limits being exceeded. The extra speed of a pump, up to 200 cubic yards per hour, allows the pump to catch up if you need to get the concrete on the deck in a hurry.


Improve finisher productivity by not using concrete buggies

The steady flow of the concrete pump often increases the productivity of the finishers because of the lack of interruptions and delays. Labor savings are realized by the elimination of the need to build runways, move runways and reduction in mucking and vibrating.


Custom Concrete Pumping | Auburn NY

Many job locations are impossible or financially cost prohibitive for conventional concrete placement. Concrete Pump equipment was dispatched to this lakeside location where only such equipment made the completion of the walls and floors possible.

Advantages over using a crane

True, the crane is cheaper per hour, but it requires more labor such as spotters, two men to dump the bucket - even signal men. It also requires more people to handle the concrete once it is dumped, such as muckers. But more importantly, it simply takes longer. On a big pour, the savings of overtime alone will pay for the pump. In winter months, when the temperature drops late in the day, concrete setting time slows down. Getting the concrete in place quickly is critical.


Improve efficiencies by letting your crane do other tasks

A crane can be used for a variety of tasks, tasks that generally can only be done with a crane. By allowing the crane to work on other tasks, and with other trades, efficiency improves. Often the job duration is controlled by hook time. Savings in the job overhead and construction financing costs can more than pay for the cost of pumping.


Our modern concrete pumps will pump most standard mixes

If a mix has to be changed, it generally will not require additional cement or expense, as the requirements a pump needs - well-graded, homogeneous, dense mix - are things that are important for good concrete. Good concrete - good to finish - good to place - generally pumps good.


Trailer Pumps | Concrete Auburn

Trailer Pump Equipment is ideal for placing concrete over long distances, such as inside existing buildings. A hose line is connected from the Trailer Pump to the location of placement, sometimes as far as 400 feet in length. The savings in labor costs and the quality of the finished concrete is dramatic.

Even with a limited budget, a concrete pump can make the difference

The total picture must be looked at. If you can decrease total construction time, you can save money in things like job overhead, equipment rental, and most important, construction interest charges.

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The newest member of our pumping fleet - 47 meter pump from Putzmeister


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